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Video KYC Solution | Intensifying the Remote Verification Digitally

Investigate the significance of video KYC solutions in streamlining remote verification through digital solutions and mitigating the threats related to identity theft.

The significant shift of businesses to online platforms has intensified the occurrence of identity theft and impersonation attacks. Imposters have developed advanced techniques that allow them to illegally access the customer’s confidential and sensitive information. They commit extensive cyberattacks that exploit the customer’s document privacy. According to a 2023 report, approximately 40% of consumers have been harmed by cyberattacks that have exploited their privacy. Large enterprises must invest in extensive identity verification solutions to provide service access to only legitimate entities. A video KYC solution protects companies from these cyberattacks while adhering to regulations imposed by government entities.        

KYC Video Call – A Dynamic Real-Time Verification Service 

An extensive vKYC solution verifies customers’ identities through digital platforms. KYC through video call allows multiple customers to get their identities authorized remotely, promoting secure verification solutions to customers living in faraway places. Companies can utilize these solutions to protect their customers from identity breaches and impersonation attacks. Imposters use AI-powered impersonation tools that create synthetic identities, deep fakes, and spoofs. Such attacks can exploit the legitimate identities of authorized customers, which is why a strong authentication solution is necessary that can detect these attacks. KYC-compliant video identification services use machine-learning technology that detects the minor details of a customer’s facial features. 


Video KYC solutions ensure a seamless customer onboarding process. Examiners use advanced methods to compare the customer’s submitted identity information with their live video appearance. This service utilizes machine learning systems that detect the variations between customer’s live facial characteristics and stored information in government directories. Examiners validate the customer’s authenticity through facial recognition and geo-tagging. Facial recognition detects their features through face mapping and motion analysis, and geo-mapping confirms the authenticity of their live location. KYC video solutions provide real-time identity verification to enhance customer’s registration and onboarding process.                

Video KYC Verification – An Effective Detector of Online Impersonation Attacks

Imposters can impersonate customers in various ways with the help of artificial intelligence. They create identity spoofs, deep fakes, and synthetic identities that impersonate the customers. A spoofing attack is carried out by utilizing stolen customer information and presenting a 2D object in front of a camera. This attack can be detected during the KYC video verification solution as it uses digital facial recognition services that subject the customers to perform certain facial movements to prove their realness. KYC video authentication solutions can detect deepfakes using AI-powered anti-deepfake services. These services examine the audio and video of such entities and prevent impersonators from accessing the services during the verification process.         

Video KYC Vendors – Choose an Effective Video Verification Service Provider 

Choosing an effective KYC video verification service provider is crucial to streamlining the identity authentication process. Businesses must choose providers who are aware of the company’s dynamics and comply with the KYC rules. KYC-compliant video verification providers protect customers against the threats of money laundering and impersonation attacks. KYC video verifiers allow customers to choose an examiner according to their comfort zone. They have various options, enabling them to select the examiner who belongs to a specific region and speaks a particular language. They can also choose automated AI-powered examiners to conduct their identity analysis.       

Video Verification – Influential for Multiple Organizations  

An effective video KYC solution can streamline the regular business activities of various business sectors. It can help the online gaming sector authorize the player’s identity and credit card information to avoid in-app purchasing fraud. Video KYC can provide a smooth flight and hotel booking experience for the travel industry, improving their traveling experience. The fintech industry can protect customer’s financial accounts through facial recognition services. These services can protect the insurance industry against financial fraud and false insurance claims. Overall, video verification is the ultimate solution for various industries to ensure protection against identity theft.    

Video KYC – An Eco-Friendly Customer Authentication Solution 

KYC video verification is the most effective service that promotes remote identity verification. It can validate customer’s identity documents through online video calls, providing a secure remote verification system for customers. An effective video KYC solution reduces impersonation attacks through machine-learning systems. KYC video-verified solutions store customer records in their digital directories for a continuous onboarding experience. It eliminates the need to use paper for information collection and storage, which is very eco-friendly and saves verification time and cost.    

Summing It Up

An authentic video KYC solution provides a real-time verification service for a secure remote onboarding experience. It provides protection against various impersonation attacks by utilization of machine-learning technologies. Video verification helps companies detect spoofing attacks and deepfakes to streamline the onboarding process and reduce identity theft. These services protect the gaming sector, the travel industry, and insurance providers from external access. It allows customers to choose an examiner according to their comfort zone. It uses advanced technologies to detect imposter identities and prevent these entities from breaching the customer’s confidential information, enhancing their authentication experience and trust.   





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