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How to Secure Your Instagram Account from Hackers

Content creators know how hard it is to build a profile, increase visibility, and gain followers. It usually takes them years to achieve recognition on a platform such as Instagram. But all of this can be taken away in just a couple of clicks.
Cybercriminals don’t shy away from using different tactics and methods to gain access to someone’s Instagram profile. Phishing and social engineering are the most common ways of hacking an Instagram account at the moment. These two methods are usually enough to trick someone into revealing their login information.
However, learning more about cybersecurity and social media can be beneficial for securing your Instagram account and preventing hackers from locking you out. Keep reading to learn more about easy steps you can take to elevate your cybersecurity on Instagram!

Use two-factor authentication
Two-factor authentication has become a huge part of protecting social media accounts from
cybercriminals. If you haven’t set up this feature on your Instagram account, anyone with your username and password can access the account and lock you out. On the other hand, with two-factor authentication, anyone attempting to log in will be asked to provide a verification code to gain access to the account.
You can activate two-factor authentication in the Settings tab. Click Privacy and Security and then follow the steps until you set it up. Keep in mind that two-factor authentication can still be bypassed by skilled hackers who might trick their target and get their hands on a verification code. Remember not to share that information with third parties.

Switch on a VPN
Most Instagram users love logging in to the app while traveling because sharing new photos and experiences with followers is an unwritten rule. Not to forget that it is also crucial to post updates if you are growing your brand. But connecting to unknown Wi-Fi networks, such as at an airport or a hotel, can be dangerous. Since these networks are usually unregulated, your personal information, including Instagram login data, could end up in the wrong hands.
Luckily, a tool like a VPN can protect open Wi-Fi networks by encrypting your connection.
It means that everything you send or receive while connected to any Wi-Fi network is unreadable by third parties. But before you start using a VPN, perform a DNS leak test. In case you are unfamiliar with this term, a DNS leak test could prevent any DNS problems you might experience and ensure that your VPN encryption is working properly.

Make use of a password manager
Simple and easy-to-guess passwords are a thing of the past, but most of us are scared we won’t be able to remember our login information. A password manager can solve that problem because it keeps all your info in one place and is accessible from multiple devices.

Additionally, a password manager can help prevent a phishing attempt. You could receive a
link to a webpage that looks just like Instagram. While it is best to check the web address before clicking the link, you might forget to do so in a hurry. Your password manager can tell you if that website is real because it registers the web address and gives you the option to autofill if the address is verified. Overall, it is a helpful tool we should use more often.

Learn how to recognize phishing
We’ve already touched upon the subject of phishing, but let’s talk more about this cybersecurity issue because it is crucial for the safety of your Instagram account. Phishing works well in the social media environment because hackers could use it to impersonate large brands looking for collaborations. Not to forget that they might send you messages pretending to be Instagram.
All of these ploys are designed to make you reveal your username and password and usually include an urgent action you need to take when you receive a phishing email or DM. Fake emails are easy to spot because of the email address of the sender. Despite all their efforts, hackers can’t make an email address look official. Therefore, that should be the first thing to look out for. Simply check the address provided in the email by hovering your mouse over it.

Double-check emails from Instagram
Hackers sometimes go straight to the point and pretend to offer you profile upgrades such as verification, which can be attractive to many Instagram users. Furthermore, they might try to trick you into believing your content is copyrighted and will be removed from your profile unless you log in right away.
There is a way to confirm that an email is really from Instagram because the received message will also be visible in your profile settings. All emails from Instagram are accessible through the Security tab on their website or app.




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