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Quick Certifications That Pay Well: Fast-Track Your Career to High Earnings

In today’s workplace, there are competitions with others and seizing more opportunities in the area, which would be very valuable if you could acquire more knowledge quickly. There is a large selection of fast-track professional trainings that open the doors to high-paying occupations today and take only a few months to complete.

These are courses offered which aim at offering an answer to the rising need of specialized professionals across the nation. It has been noted that regardless of whether an individual is complexion from scratch or just changing career paths, quick certifications are incredibly beneficial and can indeed lead to better-paying opportunities. In this article you will learn about the certifications that can enhance your professional activity and improve your salary.


Healthcare Certifications:
Certifications are important and crucial to obtaining a job in the healthcare industry especially within the specialized field. The opportunities for professional employment in the healthcare field are vast, making it a good idea for someone seeking a more stable job to be certified in a certain specialization. Here are three healthcare certifications that offer quick paths to well-paying jobs: 

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA):
CNA is another term known as nurse aide and certification in this area of nursing is preferred in those candidates who want to start a career in nursing immediately. CNAs offer basic care to patients whom they supervise and assist with the help of registered nurses or licensed practical nurses.

The certification program is often a short course that might take several weeks to several months and includes various topics like caring for patients, preventing the spread of infections, and effective communication. There are many opportunities available for employment in this position; some of these include hospitals, nursing homes, and home health agencies. The BLS shows that the median pay for CNAs was $30,850 per year in May 2020, and CNAs can earn a good income due to this.

Medical Coding and Billing Specialists:
The field of medical coding and billing specialists deals with transforming descriptions of medical procedures into coding to ensure that bills and insurance companies can understand them. Quick certification courses in medical coding and billing are available from many institutions and range between 2-6 months. These programs apply to areas including medical vocabulary, coding, and legal requirements in the industry.

Thus, medical coding and billing specialists are very important personnel due to the rising need of healthcare services all over the word. An analysis of the Bureau of Labor Statistics concluded that in May 2020 medical records and health information technicians which included the medical coding and billing specialists had an average median annual wage of $44,090.


Emergency Medical Technician (EMT):
EMTs are responsible for basic life-saving interventions in patients who are involved in accidents, natural disasters, or any other situation that an individual may find themselves in. Requirements for becoming an EMT include accomplishing a certification course that can be received in two weeks to two-three months.

EMT courses include aspects like initial patient assessment, management of basic airway, and compartment trauma management. EMTs may be employed by ambulances services, fire departments, or hospitals and may have the responsibility to transport patients.

Based on analysis of the job, EMTs will experience an increase in demand due to the demographic factor; increased patient population and more demand in emergency medical services. While the Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses earned $47,480 in the same year, the EMTs and paramedics had $36,650 in their median annual wage in May, as indicated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Technology and ITS Certifications:
Technology and IT certifications have become an essential demand of the market in the job market and the world over as employers look to hire competent employees to help enhance and advance their companies’ functions through the use of technology.

Besides promising remunerative careers, these certifications establish potential for faster skill build up in one’s chosen field, and fast track promotions. Here are three technologies and IT certifications that offer quick paths to well-paying jobs:


CompTIA A+:
CompTIA A+ certification is an entry-level certification for IT professionals, is evidence of the credential holder’s IT know-how across the key areas of computer hardware, operating systems, software, networks, and security. It is an open standard certification, and as such, applies to almost all industries since it does not lock into any single provider.

For those who want to jump into the Information Technology industry soon, the CompTIA A+ is perfect for these qualifications as it will only take few months to prepare for exams. It is for this reason that more and more people are seeking CompTIA A+ certified technicians as technology usage continues to rise in the workplace. It reveals that the certified IT professionals get a decent annual salary ranging between $60,000, making it as an ideal first step to join the IT sector.

CCNA that means Cisco Certified Network Associate:
CCNA certification represents Cisco certified network associate and is geared towards networking professionals who onsets network’s installation, configuration, operation and simple troubleshooting for medium scale routed and switched networks.

The CCNA certification program comes with severance tracks such as routing and switching, security, and wireless networking hence one can be in a position to choose the area of certification that is suitable for his or her type of job.

The CCNA may take about half a year to prepare for, and a practical experience is highly essential if one is to pass the examinations. CCNA is popular in numerous organizations, and experts in this field take an average of $50,000 – $100,000 pay per year, depending on their area of concentration and their experience in practice.


Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP):
The CISSP is a globally accredited certification that tests candidates in trying to design, implement, and manage security systems. This particular certification is perfect for those who want to boost their careers in cyber security research.

The certification program includes elements concerned with security and risk management, application and system development security, cryptography, physical security for networks. Though passing the examination for CISSP requires going through lots of studying and preparation, the value is in the pay for it is relatively high.

The demand for certified individuals in the industry makes CISSP one of the highest paying certifications in IT world since holders of the certification earns over $100,000 on average as per the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC) ².


There are other ways of getting certifications through training that can be completed within a short span of time hence giving people easy ways of getting well-paying jobs. These certification programs can channel their desires and goals through acquiring different credentials within the specified healthcare fields as well as other sectors like technology.

It’s possible to get a specifically defined position such as a Certified Nursing Assistant after the completion of the necessary program or simply get CompTIA A+ certification while the demand and opportunities for Certified Information Systems Security Professional is enormous.

Therefore, the main benefits that can be obtained due to the acquisition of these certificates are the improvement of one’s salary and the launch of promising activities in promising fields. In light of this, capturing the chance to get quick certifications for better professional career openings and privilege could also be the key to success and prosperity in the workforce.





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