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How to Defend in FC 24 on Xbox: A Comprehensive Guide

FC 24 defending is crucial for maintaining a solid backline and ensuring victory. Here’s a guide on EA FC 24 defending effectively in FC 24 on Xbox, covering essential FIFA 24 tips and strategies to elevate your gameplay. Consider enhancing your team with EA Sports FC coins from U7buy to achieve optimal outcomes and build the best possible EA FC 24 team. Their affordable prices combined with their dependable service will provide you with the advantage you need to dominate the field.

Understanding the Basics

Defensive Controls:

  • Tackle (B): Perform standing tackles. Timing is crucial to avoid fouls.
  • Slide Tackle (X): Useful for intercepting the ball or blocking shots. Use cautiously to avoid red cards.
  • Contain (A): Keeps your EA FC player facing the opponent, making it easier to block their movements.
  • Jockey (LT): Allows precise movement and positioning, crucial for cutting off passing lanes.
  • Teammate Contain (RB): Calls a second defender to pressure the opponent, providing support.

Advanced Defensive Techniques:

  • Employ Defensive Formations: To balance attack and defense and make sure there are enough EA FC 24 players behind the ball to manage threats, use formations like 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2.
  • Learn to be a Jockey Expert: Hold LT to maintain fine control over your FIFA defender’s actions, keeping the ball carrier away from the goal. This allows for quick responses to feints and dribbles, making it effective against skilled FC 24 attackers.
  • Knowing When To Attack: Press B at the right moment to win the ball. Mistimed tackles can result in fouls. Look for indicators from your opponent to know when to move.
  • Employ Contain and Teammate Contain: Use contain to keep your EA FC player in front of the FC 24 attacker, hindering their ability to pass. Teammate contain brings in a second defender, increasing pressure and narrowing the opponent’s options.
  • Recognize Your Opponent’s Playstyle: Anticipate your opponent’s moves to gain an advantage.

Strategic Defensive Positioning

  • Maintain Defensive Formations: Balance attack and defense with formations like 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2 to ensure ample protection against potential attacks.
  • Retain a Firm Form: Avoid pushing defenders out of position to prevent creating spaces for the opposition. Use FIFA Jockey and Contain to keep your backline compact and organized.
  • Grasp Your Rival’s Playstyle: Predict your opponent’s next move to gain the upper hand. Pay attention to their patterns and anticipate their actions, positioning your EA FC 24 defenders optimally to intercept passes and runs.

Set Piece Defense

  • FC 24 Defending Corners: Use best RB in EA FC 24 to select your tallest players and position them strategically. Use LT to jockey and mark opponents tightly, and press B to clear the ball when it comes in.
  • FC24 Defending Free Kicks: Position your wall using RB and adjust its height with the right stick.


EA FC 24 Defending on Xbox requires skill, strategy, and practice. Mastering basic controls, advanced techniques can enhance your defensive game. Keep practicing, and you’ll soon shut down opponents and lead your FIFA team to victory. Optimize your gameplay with these FC 24 tips and elevate your defensive skills! For an extra edge, consider buying FIFA coins for Xbox One from U7buy.



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