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Boosting Business Security: Dolphin Anti-Detect Browser Essentials


The more complex your business operations become the more crucial security and confidentiality are. This can only be achieved through access to numerous IP addresses and different fingerprints for browser configurations.


Combining proxy services together with the Dolphin anti-detect browser will provide both. This article will discuss what Dolphin Anty can improve the security of your business.

What are Anti-detect browsers?

Anti-detect Browsers are a kind of browser that restricts and alters the data you provide to websites in order to make it more difficult for websites to identify you. When we surf the internet we are sending all kinds of information to websites. A majority of it is required to load pages in the manner your device and program require.


For instance your browser may transmit information about the resolution of your screen as well as your browser’s model (user agent) and operating system as well as supported audio and video codecs. Hardware parameters, like processor and graphics card type are often transmitted as well. The issue arises when such data is used to track as well as data restriction.


Websites collect this information alongside other information, like your IP address, as well as cookies, for example in order to create the fingerprint of a user. The combination of both software and hardware parameters gives a unique method to determine the identity of each user and, despite the absence of specific software, there is no way to evade it.


This is where anti-detect browsers come in. They permit users to create multiple profiles for their browsers which send slightly different data to the device and browser than the one you use. This means that you can conceal your fingerprint and appear on sites as a variety of users.


This is referred to by the name of fingerprint spoofing. The browser alters your initial parameters, then requests information from the site, then changes them back so that everything is seamlessly loaded onto your device. Anto-detect browsers, like Dolphin Anty, can obscure different parameters by using this method. Here are a few of the principal ones:



Time zone

Language settings

HTTP headers

Resolution of the screen

Type of browser


Other variables can be modified by using anti-detect browsers. The way they work is very similar, therefore the decision is based on how simple it is to configure them and share them in a corporate setting.

Dolphin Anty

Dolphin Anty is optimized specifically for marketing teams that are affiliates. It is a simple layout with powerful fingerprint spoofing capabilities. It doesn’t require a lot of information about fingerprinting to setup it for your group and yourself. The reason for its popularity could lie its origins in that the system was developed by a marketing professional for marketers.


After registering, all that you have to do is select your fingerprint parameters, and then create a profile for your browser. Dolphin Anty can support hundreds of these profiles, and they could be shared friends. It also allows you to easily monitor the status of your accounts and take notes. It is a great tool for use in business.


Additionally, Dolphin Anty is great in obscuring your fingerprints for online shopping, social media, and other sites. Certain websites may be slower if you use specific profiles for your browser however, the overall performance is dependent on several other elements. Similar to all anti-detect web browsers, you’ll require an intermediary server to function properly.


IP addresses form the initial and primary reason websites use to track and log visitors. If you are using the same IP address for several web browsers, you could be inflicting more harm than. Proxy services allow the ability to use multiple IP addresses that can guide your network. That’s why setting up proxy servers is the initial step in using Dolphin.

How do you set up Dolphin Anty?

Get started with the Dolphin Anty browser by joining and downloading the program. The free version lets users to save up to 10 profiles for your browser. This is more than enough for the majority of use cases since you can use the majority of the features, and also the same proxy integration that you get with paying for the version. The next steps are listed below.


Click on the Create Profile button located at on the right. You will be able to change the settings of your browser. I suggest avoiding all of them at present and only adding the names of the profile.


It is the next stage to create an intermediary. Choose to add a new proxy and type in the credentials of the proxy such as Port and IP Address below. It is necessary to separate them by a colon, such as”110.15 “110.15. 57.16:9008″ The first thing you enter is the port number, after that the IP address for the proxy.


Be sure to verify your connection. In the event that your proxy doesn’t work or the connection is causing issues or connection errors, the Dolphin browser won’t allow you to access the profile. The majority of the time, you’ve or made a mistake with your the proxy credentials or your server isn’t functioning.


Start tweaking your other profile settings for your browser. Making sure you have proxies set up first. essential because using the same IP across multiple fingerprints can expose you to web pages. The majority of the uses that use the Dolphin browser can’t function without proxies. You’ll require setting additional settings to match.

Utilization cases for Dolphin

Management of social media

Companies must have an active social media presence across multiple countries. This could mean you have to be able to work from different locations physically or to set up an instrument such as an anti-detect browser. Create distinct Dolphin Anty browser profiles for every social media account.


The most crucial settings for social media management include the language, time zone as well as geographical location (IP address). It is important to combine users’ agents, canvas as well as hardware settings.

Dropshipping and bulk buying

To get the best price online will require you to alter your location. This can be even more difficult if you have to purchase more stock to sell. In this case, you’ll need multiple accounts that have different fingerprints so that you don’t get exiled.


Dolphin Anty browser will allow you to alter the IP address as well as the time zone and even the language used for this purpose. In addition, you’ll be able blend into a consistent and natural user interface.


Dolphin Anty is an ideal instrument for securing your business for managing social media, bulk buying or other tasks. Making the necessary adjustments to Dolphin to your specific needs may take some time but it’s worth the effort.




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